Filipino Community in Ontario, Canada – Toronto, Windsor, Essex County


The Filipino Community Centre, Inc (Windsor/Essex County) is a non-profit organization with a diverse membership, united by a common appreciation for Filipino heritage and culture as well as a shared commitment to the enrichment of Canadian society.

We envision a multi-purpose facility that enhances the capability of the Filipino Community Centre Inc. to fulfill its mission. We seek to provide a comprehensive range of programs and activities and strengthen our awareness of Filipino heritage and culture, facilities and adjustment of local Filipino residents to Canadian society, enhances their potential for leadership roles in the broader community, promotes solidarity among Filipinos and Canadians of Filipino heritage in Windsor and Essex County, and deepens our understanding of social issues.


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The idea of owning a building for a Filipino community centre in downtown Toronto was simply a pipe dream for interested Filipinos in the 70s and 80s.  Nonetheless, it seems only yesterday when a group of well-intentioned Filipinos mobilized by the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa with Ambassador Francisco Benedicto and the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto, under the auspices of Consul General Susan Cisternae, Consuls Olivia Palala and Sylvia Maralinga finally lay to rest the dream of a community center in downtown Toronto. It doesn’t hurt to mention that the first to donate $5000.00 US to the cause was Ambassador Benedicto and when President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visited Toronto in 2001 and contributed $5,000.00 US, it sparked the interest and charitable nature of Filipinos in Toronto.


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We are happy to inform all newcomers and immigrants that the Kababayan Community Centre Multicultural Services at Bathurst and Finch Community Hub is now open to serve you. Our services officially started on January 4, 2013. Along with a full-time staff member, we will provide the following services:

Orientation and Information Services: Learning accurate information will enable and empower you as a newcomer to reach out to your new community. A newcomer’s kit is available to guide you through the settlement process.

Referral Services: Armed with our knowledge and community networks, you will be referred to the available resources that suit your needs as a newcomer.

Translation and Interpretation Services: This service will help you communicate exactly what you want to say while helping you learn English as your second language. You will also access assistance in translating documents relating to employment, as well as educational and legal matters necessary for immediate settlement.