Filipino Community in Alaska

Filipinos in Alaska goes back since the mid-1950s. Today, there are several Filipinos working on base and the canneries in Alaska. Here are the Filipino Organizations in Alaska.

Filipino Community of Anchorage and Vicinity

One summer evening in 1953, Benedicto Viloria, Florentino Bigoria, Gaspar Advincula and I went to the Eagle River Bridge area for a simple cookout. We enjoyed the evening and relished the spirit of friendship and comaraderie. We told other Filipinos of the fun we had. Many Filipinos were stationed at the Fort Richardson and Elmendorf bases at the time. We invited them to our next picnic and they enthusiastically came. As more Filipino familes settled in Anchorage, our group increased in number. We learned to depend upon each other and to help one another in time of need. Read More

Filipino Community of Juneau, Alaska

We are the Filipino Community, Inc. (FILCOM, Inc.) of Juneau, AK. We aim to foster better and harmonious relationships with fellow Filipinos and other cultural groups, and keep alive our Filipino heritage, culture, customs and traditions. We help in enhancing the integration of Filipinos into mainstream America to be of better service not only to the Filipino-American community, but to the general public as well. Read More

Filipino American Association of Juneau

The Filipino American Association of Juneau is an association of Filipinos and Americans in Juneau, Alaska. It was established on March 8, 2003. Duly registered and incorporated in the State of Alaska as a non-profit organization. Read More

Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans -

To increase civic awareness, enhance social responsibility and community leadership, to attain a high quality of life for all the Filipino~Americans in Alaska by working together within the community. In general, the Filipino~American community in the United States, including Alaska, is often perceived as one of the most economically successful immigrant groups in the United States. However, this fast growing, and culturally diverse community has yet to demonstrate strong unity and meaningful local and national community leadership. The American-Filipino Federation of Alaska (AFFA) believes that by introducing each and every one of us to different information, innovative ideas and exciting opportunities, we can improve the civic, social, and political engagement of all the Filipino-Americans in Alaska. Read More

Other Filipino Organizations without a website:

Philippine Nurses Association of Alaska
Pundok Bisaya
Assisted Living Home Providers Association of Alaska

Filipino Achievements

Honorable Thelma Jean Garcia Buchholdt, born on August 1, 1934 in the Garcia family home in Claveria, a beautiful seaside town on the South China Sea, the northernmost community on the Island of Luzon, Republic of the Philippines. A planner, an attorney, and as a member of Alaska’s House of Representatives Read More

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