How to get involved in the Filipino Community

It is a rather simple question to answer but rather hard to do. The simple answer is ask the social organization if they are looking for new members. The hard part is getting yourself to ask because a lot of things come to mind like for example:

  • Oh I don’t know anyone (If you are not going to ask, how would you know anyone?)
  • I’m new and they have been here a while (Don’t be shy. They are just people too and better yet, they are Filipinos.)
  • I heard they were not a good organization (How do you know if you haven’t been in it? You heard it from someone else? That’s a matter of opinion)

Most of the Filipino organizations are social organizations which may be started by a few friends and grew. Filipino organizations are based on camraderie (sama-sama), some are professional, business, but most are about getting together especially if they are from the same island.

I can’t find where the Filipinos are in my area. How do I find my fellow kababayans? The first place is church, then work place, local Filipino businesses, or a local Filipino newspaper. There may be a restaurant or store in your area. Start hanging out and introduce yourself. They may know other Filipinos. There was a story once that a lady hardly socialized and didn’t know her next door neighbor in the Philippines was living in the same city. It took them five years to meet each other. Have the lady got involved in the community, she would have known much earlier. Get to know the Filipinos in your community because they may be able to help you or connect you to the organization you could join.

Yes, there is drama in Filipino organizations but that’s part of life. It’s in every organization no matter where you are in the world and the type of organization you’re in. That’s just part of the life. You just have to remember that it is a social organization and each person is an individual. It is up to you to understand who and what they are.

So, don’t get too isolated and start getting involved in the Filipino community in your area.