Philippines Immigration Information for Foreigners

Immigration Information for Foreigners who want to live or go to the Philippines


Under the conditions set forth in this Act, there may be admitted in the Philippines immigrants, termed “quota immigrants” not in excess of fifty (50) of any one nationality or without nationality for any one calendar year, except that the following immigrants, termed “non-quota immigrants”, may be admitted without regard to such numerical limitations.

The corresponding Philippine Consular representative abroad shall investigate and certify the eligibility of a quota immigrant previous to his admission into the Philippines. Qualified and desirable aliens who are in the Philippines under temporary stay may be admitted within the quota, subject to the provisions of the last paragraph of section 9 of this Act.

  • (A) The wife or the husband or the unmarried child under twenty-one years of age of a Philippine citizen;
  • (B) A child of alien parents born during the temporary visit abroad of the mother;
  • (C) A child born subsequent to the issuance of the immigration visa of the accompanying parent, the visa not having expired;
  • (D) A woman who lost her Philippine citizenship because of her marriage to an alien or by reason of the loss of Philippine citizenship by her husband;
  • (E) A person previously lawfully admitted into the Philippines for permanent residence, who is returning from a temporary visit abroad to an unrelinquished residence in the Philippines;
  • (F) The wife or the husband or the unmarried child under twenty-one years of age, of an alien lawfully admitted in the Philippines for permanent residence prior to the date on which this Act becomes effective and who is resident therein.
  • (G)  A natural born citizen of the Philippines, who has been naturalized in foreign country. [As amended by Republic Act No. 4376]

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